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A Touch of Irish Sole.

With St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to feature an Irish brand.¬† A well established brand with a reputation for producing high quality goods¬† that are globally recognised. I’ve chosen shoemakers Padmore and Barnes. Padmore and Barnes have been producing high quality shoes at the Co Kilkenny plant since 1934. At the height of …

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To beard or not to beard? That is the question.

We all think of growing beards as being a choice, either you want one so grow or don’t and are clean shsven. The decision is not always that simple though and there are many people out there who are told they CANT shave. In 2010, after months of feeling unwell and being in pain, my …

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Making Connections.

What is it they say? The devil makes work for idle hands. That’s certainly can’t be said for me today. As if my day job doesn’t keep me busy enough, I have been researching brands and product while trying to open some doors to secure samples to review. I have managed to speak to some …

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