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Let’s all Smear Chicago.

I recently received a package from Chicago. As I started to open it, I was overwhelmed by the fragrance of lavandar. It was a tin of Smear hair and skin balm. A tin of natural  goodness for your skin.


One of the things I liked most about this balm was how light and smooth it felt when melted which makes for really easy application to the skin and hair. A little goes a long way, leaving the skin beautifully soft and a nice shine to the hair.

Full of natural goodness, the balm has had a wonderful affect on my skin leaving it smooth soft to the touch.  Being a keen runner, my face takes quite a pounding from the elements and perspiration leaving me with some dry patches. The aromatherapy in  Smear has helped sooth and clear up the dry  patches beautifully, a natural healing promoting cell regeneratibn and containing an anti inflamitary. I loved using this in the evening, applying before bedtime. The lavender scent really helped relax me and i felt more rested in the morning. Its certainly a product I would use again. Let’s all Smear Chicago.


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