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I came across Risu on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to the early product photo that Linus posted, clean, clear photo in an attractive bottle. Risu hails from Helsinki, Finland and is the brainchild of Linus and his sister. The brand officially launched at the beginning of April and I’m delighted to be reviewing their product.

I received the oils a couple of weeks ago and I have to be honest when. I say this, I have been blown away by how good they are. They are one of my most favourite amongst the products that I have been lucky enough to review. Outstanding quality and something beautifully different to anything else that I had tried previously.


Risu – Viridian Green is a simply stunning blend. Beautifully natural tones of basil and Rosemary help make this oil something really special and deliciously different from anything I have tried to date, helping to strengthen the beard. The oil is light and with basil, leaves a wonderful sheen to the beard, leaving it soft and smelling wonderfully fresh and natural. The Basil also helps fight skin infection. It really is unbelievably good and already one of my favourite products.

Risu -Bistre Brown has a wonderfully simple frangrance. With anti inflanitary and anti aging properties it really is a work of art. Its luxurious and warm tones really stand out and put this product right up there with the very best available. And the anti aging properties will keep you looking youthful, always a bonus.

I really can’t praise Risu high enough. The standard and quality is so high I have no doubt that the brand will be hugely successful in the future. Stamping its mark on the Scandinavian region and beyond, shiipping is free in Europe. Quality, natural oils blended together perfectly to help you Finnish your style.
Instagram @risubrand

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