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Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Newest Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Well with the Easter and 1916 commemorations out of the way, I think it’s time to get the head down and kick the blog back into action. So, last week I received a package with some goodies from the wonderful people at Heavy Metal Gentleman. Based in the North East of England and owned and run …

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Choose Your God Wisely.

When I started this project a few weeks ago, First Olympian was one of the brands that I dearly wanted to feature. Since my visit to the Acropolis in 2008, I have had a fascination with ancient Greece. This, combined with the clean, uncomplicated branding, attracted me to First Olympian. I was honoured when Alice …

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Gold on Black.

The psychology of colour is often used to manipulate the senses. The colour black communicates glamour, sophistication, exclusivity. Black is a colour you take seriously. Add a touch of gold and this brings a sense of wealth and high value to the equation. Gerrard Brome, London is a brand I became familiar with after I …

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A Touch of Irish Sole.

With St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to feature an Irish brand.  A well established brand with a reputation for producing high quality goods  that are globally recognised. I’ve chosen shoemakers Padmore and Barnes. Padmore and Barnes have been producing high quality shoes at the Co Kilkenny plant since 1934. At the height of …

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The Scent of Swedish Rain.

I’ve never given much thought as to what rain smelt like. Its just water isn’t it? Or is it? I had a chat with Josefin from Frans Oskars and she explained that she runs the company she set up with Oskar after he decided to grow a beard and,   unhappy with the choice of …

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It’s all in the Numbers.

You know, I first came across Beard Juice on Instagram while I was look for brands who may be interested in allowing me to review their product. Starting out fresh is never easy, sometimes we all need a little hand up just to get our foot on that first rung of the ladder. Wayne was a true …

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No, No – Notorious.

I wasn’t one bit surprised when McGregor lost on Sunday morning. For me, Conor jumping two weights to make this fight was just a little beyond his reach. Many have said it was a gamble, it wasn’t, it was an experiment. A case of let’s see how far we can push this and if it …

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The Mirco Factor.

The Mirco Factor. What is it? It’s not what, it’s who. Mirco, Mirco Antenucci. In case its escaped you, I’m a Leeds United fan. Tortured soul, glutton for punishment, call it what you will. I made my choice some years ago and I live by it. Mirco is a cult hero amongst a selction of …

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